When To Update Your Wall Decor - 5 Clues!

You know you love the idea of a photo mural.¬† Still, it's hard to know when a wall decor update is called for.¬† After all everything eventually comes back in style. That peeling kitchy country border in your bedroom holds some fond memories. Hey‚ We understand. And we can help!

Here are 5 clues that it‚ is probably time to update your wall decor to an eclectic photo mural or custom wall mural from ArtisticHomeowner:

1. You hosted a home interiors party 10 years ago and the dust on your hostess gift floral wreath has turned it ghostly white.  Everybody pretends not to notice


2. Your oldest kid is in high school and you still have crayola marks at about the 2 foot level speckled about the living room.Everyone pretends not to notice.

3. The roof was fixed 3 years ago but the Rorschach water stain on the wall that you swear looks like Lincoln remains. You cannot stop studying it; in fact, you could probably write an essay about it.

4. Holly Hobby wall border from 1979. You pretend not to notice.¬† Peeling or not it‚ is time.

5. Telltale vintage family portraiture that scares your kids and you don’t even know who the people are or how you’re related. (If you have one of these lovelies, please: put the picture in the closet. Today. Believe me, everyone will sleep better.)

So when you are ready to make the leap from drab to fab, check out our galleries of awesome photo murals. With everything from Cityscapes to Great Outdoors to Animals to Outer Space and more, there is something here for everyone.

You will not be disappointed and your children will thank you.

Ok, now it is your turn. Can you think of any clues that a wall would be in need of some loving updating?