Weebly Review

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It’s so easy to use! Just drag and drop your blocks and you’re on your way! Also, you have a big variety of different templates which you can choose with different colors – and you can change the template at any time you want without losing content.

With their clean style, the image galleries look great – even when there is not a big selection (like at wix.com). 


Weebly in Detail




Ease of use 

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So easy to use for everybody! Just sign in and start! 

Choice of design (templates)


Weebly offers a lot of great templates – and you can even make some changes on your own, if you feel comfortable with the source code. Another plus for photographers: every pageheader can be revised manually – and you can add a slideshow.

Image Gallery 

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Ok, there is only the standard gallery and slideshow, but with the right template it can look awesome too! So be creative! And don’t forget: your portfolio themes may be different – you can change the header!

Storage space

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No limits! That’s right - you can upload as much as you want! The only limitation is that individual files cannot exceed 10 MB (free plan) or 250 MB (paid plan). The bandwidth is also unlimited!

Social media 

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This, in fact, isn’t that easy to integrate with the website. With Wix or Jimdo, it’s just a click away – but with Weebly you might need to use some coding to get you a Facebook Friendbox. On the other hand, social media is easy to set up in the blog! 



There is a blog!!! And it has all the standard features. And you can even blog on the go with their new mobile app!



It’s a simple store. Nothing really special can be done here.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Standards like title, meta and description tags are given. Also, the images ALT text and the URL is created from the respective menu item. Headlines are limited to H1 and H2. 

Visitor statistics                                             

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Weebly has its own statistic tool, but you can also add Google analytics.


  • Free: $0
  • Starter: $4
  • Pro: $8


Weebly is a very cool tool, which is easy to use, great looking and has some good add ons.

I think Weebly and Wix are running on the same level: one has better galleries and templates. The other one is easy to use, has a blog and also has very nice looking templates. For that reason, I gave them both 4 stars.


Weebly has unlimited storage space and unlimited bandwidth. Besides that, it also has great online survey tools and its own statistics, as well as a connected mobile website.

If Weebly would work a bit on the gallery functions they would definitely be number one!

-> Try Weebly for free and without risk!


Examples of the Weebly editing mode

kleiner Balken 1100x30 mint.jpg

Take a look at my Weebly website, which I created for testing purposes!


Or go to another real Weebly-Page.
My second project is about art and museums in Barcelona and I am using Weebly: www.barcelona-museum.com

Interested in Weebly? 

kleiner Balken 1100x30 mint.jpg