You want to create cool stuff on your own? 

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DIY Photo Walls

Photo Wall Display made easy

As a photographer one of the most common dilemmas I see my clients face is how to hang portraits on the wall.  I am a big believer that pictures are meant to be on the wall for friends and family to appreciate, not stuffed in a box or an album. Read more!


Photo Walls made easy

With this post we will point out a few simple steps to help you outline the perfect space in your home to create a photo art wall! Go to any home and you are bound to find plenty of empty wall space. Why? Because typically people find hanging portraits a difficult and challenging task. Read more!


Inexpensive Wall Displays - Big Impact

Here are a few more wall display ideas that we have had tucked away! These are ideas that create a striking impact without spending a lot of money! These ideas are from old Domino magazines that I have stock piled around my home with sticky's in them! Read more!



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DIY Photo Frames

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DIY Carboard Ring Frames

This is a great project for those DIY'ers who love to be "earth friendly"!  Shared by our friends over at Photojojo, this project is fairly simple and creates quite a dramatic will display. Read more!


Glass Jar Photo Frames

Jars, Jars, Jars! We always have them and never know what to do with them! But now there is a create way to recycle and enjoy those jars. This look would be awesome in a shabby or country styled home! Read more!



Photojojo shows us how to make a 3D tunnel book

We're always on the lookout for something quirky and funky to do with our beloved photos -- but we'd never thought of making a 3D tunnel book with them. Read more!

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More DIY-Things...


Beautiful use of Old Fencing

Imagine an old fence, turned into a stunning photo display! It can happen and it has been done and shared on a great blog called Brick City Love! Read more!


Photo Plates You can do at Home

Here is a great personalized gift that you can do yourself! This project was featured in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine, and it is definitely on of my favorite projects. Read more!



Create a paper camera with a Dollar and origami skills!

We like to think we're as camera obsessed as the next man. But if the next man is Won Park that might not be the case … because we've never spent 20 minutes folding a banknote into a miniature camera. Read more!


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