A website for all photography-lovers!

What you will find 

I love photography! So this website is all about it. If you love this theme like I do, you will get some nice ideas and tips from this page.

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 Cool Photo Gifts:

I know it isn’t easy to find the right gifts for friends, but if they love photography, I will give you some nice ideas. You will find special cameras or gear, camera bags for women or special ones for men (we’ll call them beer coolers!). And if you’d like to use these gifts for yourself… feel free ;-).

 Cool Printing Ideas:

I know there are a million printing services out there, but in this category I will test and write about them. So if you are looking for a photo book or photo cards --you will find them here. Also, I will present some providers for canvas prints, magnets and more.

 Build your own website:

This is a completely new category of CoolPhotoIdeas! If you love taking pictures and you have plenty of them that need to be shown – and you don’t want to use platforms like Flickr or 500px – then you have the possibility of presenting them through your own website. I tested some providers – here are the results.

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klinr gelber balken 1100x10.jpg
klinr gelber balken 1100x10.jpg

 Cool Photo Ideas:

This is also a new category. Here you’ll find ideas for “going out and shooting.” I’ll give you some ideas, themes and techniques. (Coming soon.)


 Do it Yourself:

Here you’ll find some ideas for arranging your pictures at home. How can you create a perfect photo wall, photo shelf or other photo displays? You’ll find out by reading this site! Also, you will discover framing ideas and much more.


You know what this is, right!? :-)