About CoolPhotoIdeas

This website was created in 2008. The creator is Jill Caren. She concentrates on photography, wall decors and photo gifts.

In 2010, Kerry Keays managed the site and was more into techniques - like the newest cameras on the market and cool gear.

Since May 2013, the site has been run by me, Céline Mülich, from Germany. I wanted to make some changes to the site to make it more than a blog. I wanted to combine Jill’s and Kerry’s work and divide them into categories so that it is easier for you to find what you are looking for. Now you’ll find 5 categories along with the blog. These categories are: Photo GiftsPrinting IdeasWebsitesPhoto Ideas and Do It Yourself

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All this redesigning and creating a new structure needed some time – for that reason, there were no posts during this period of time.

And right now there is still one category missing – the “photo ideas” - but I am working on it, and it will be up soon.

So, enjoy the website!

All the best,



What do I want?

I focus on connecting consumers with the best photo display ideas, photo technology, photo gifts, services and a few new ideas for taking pictures. So I try my best to have more than 2 eyes open on the market!


How is CoolPhotoIDeas funded?

I use affiliate links to fund this page. If I help you find a service or provider that you like and you buy something or decide to sign up with them through my link, I get paid a referral fee. But I also have providers with no affiliate partnership. This means the affiliates do not affect my opinion on a product or service. Soon there will be some new blog entries and comparisons of these different providers and services! 


Other Projects of mine:

How to build a Photography-Website:
www.fotografen-Homepage.com - mainly the same comparison like here, but in german

Museums Websites: 
www.Barcelona-Museum.de - All the Museums and sights of Barcelona (German)
www.Barcelona-Museum.com - All the Museums and sights of Barcelona (English)
www.Rom-Museum.com - All the Museums and sights of Rom (German)


Not sure about something? I am here to help you! I’d also love to hear your feedback on the new website-design (whether it’s praise or criticism!).

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