Wix.com Review

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Wix has stunning templates and the possibility to create an awesome image gallery. That’s why we put them on the first place.

Wix is also the first provider to run on HTML5. This makes their service unique, but this can also be a problem. 


HTML5 is not supported by older browsers (especially Explorer 1-8; it works well with Firefox), and, as we know, there are still peoples using them. But on the other hand – this makes your site work well on Apple products, like iPhones and iPads!

One more negative point: If you have chosen a template – you have to stay with it. Switching it later is not possible.

But let’s see in detail what they are offering us!


Wix in Detail




Ease of use                   

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The editor is not the easiest to use of the providers covered here, but with a very little amount of time you’re completely fine with it! The FAQ section – with videos - will totally help you if you have any doubts.

Choice of design (templates)   


Wix has very good-looking templates! They look very professional, but as mentioned above, you can’t switch to another template after you’ve picked one. But there are almost no limits as far as changing the templates.

Image Gallery

Image Gallery.png

The image gallery-Options are stunning. You can choose from 15 different presentations and the quality of the pictures (depending on your upload) are just great! 

Storage space            

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Depending on the Packages: You can start with the Free-Rate or the Connect-Rate and 500 MB (which isn't very much). But you have also the Combo Rate and 3 GB, the Unlimited Rate and 10 GB or the eCommerce Rate and 20 GB. Please note that there is also a monthly bandwidth limit in most plans (only relevant for very large websites).

Social Media

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You can put YouTube-Videos and Social Media functions - for sure! They are easy to set up and use!



Wix has it's own Blog. It is not the best one, but now you have the posibilty to create one!



An online store is included in the “eCommerce” package. You can also test the function in the other plans. Customers pay with Paypal or Google Checkout.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  


Wix displays some weaknesses here. Page titles, meta description, alt tags can be added individually. Less ideal are the cryptic URL names and the fact that no SEO-friendly headers (H1-H6) have been used.

Visitor statistics

Visitor statistics.png

No statistics for free users, other users have to integrate Google Analytics in advance.


  • Free: $0
  • Connect Domain: $4.08
  • Combo: $8.25
  • Unlimited: $12.42
  • eCommerce: $16.17


Visiually definitely the number one for photographers! Great image galleries, quick upload time, enough storage space and ways to change the size of the gallery manually.

 They have good password protection when it comes to exclusive pages for your customers.

But they only get 4 of 5 stars because there are some negative points. There is no blog and the browser problems mentioned above.

But in the end, I would say that Wix is a perfect choice if you don’t need a blog, and when you think that these Explorer users (people who don’t upgrade their browsers) aren’t worth it and you have no problem with adjusting your mobile website extra – then here you go! Enjoy the great optical opportunities!

 > Test Wix for free and without risk!


Examples of the Wix.com editing mode

kleiner Balken 1100x30 mint.jpg

Take a look at my Wix-Website, which I created for testing them!


Interested in Wix.com? 

kleiner Balken 1100x30 mint.jpg