OddPrints.com helps you print photos for unusual-sized frames

Photo labs are all very good for printing standard sizes such as 6"×4" or 7"×5", but if you've got an unusual-sized frame you wan to put a photo in, it can all get a bit tricky.

Trying to help you out is the recently-launched website OddPrints.com. Users upload their image and select the size they would like to get it printed.

The site then resizes the digital file and produces it as part of a standard-sized print, from a 6"x4" to a 10"x8". The file is then downloaded and can be taken to any photo lab to be printed.

Pimp your cam turns your black camera bright

While some cameras come in a variety of colours, others are only available in black. But the guys at PimpYourCam.com think you should have more choice.

That's why Jens Brüggemann and Torsten Rachu teamed up and are now offering to create bespoke pant jobs which turn your camera from a photographic tool to a work of art.

They have already worked their colourful airbrush magic on cameras including a Nikon D4, a Nikon1 J1 and a Canon 70-200mm lens.

Create a paper camera with a dollar and origami skills

We like to think we're as camera obsessed as the next man. But if the next man is Won Park that might not be the case … because we've never spent 20 minutes folding a banknote into a miniature camera.

The origami master has recently released a three-part YouTube video detailing exactly how to fold a dollar bill into ridiculously impressive model of an SLR.

He has also published a downloadable PDF guide which shows the 42 stage paper folding process involved. Yes there are 42 stages involved, but when was the last time you were able to get a new camera for $1?

Photo fabric dye kit puts photos on your clothes

We are always looking for creative new ways to display our photos and while having them printed on other objects is nothing new, we are loving this.

You see, rather than taking your digital images and having them printed, this is a DIY solution for analogue photos.

The photo fabric dye kit from Photojojo lets you print photos on fabric or wood or practically anything.

Broken vintage cameras repurposed as nightlights

It's never nice to see a camera which has stopped working, destined to life out the rest of it's years unused in the bottom of a dusty old cupboard.

And it's with this in mind that Jason Hull has embarked on a mission to give a new like to old cameras from the 50s and 60s.

That's because Jason is converting cameras he finds at flea markets,  garage sales and on eBay into working nightlights which plug into the wall and give a nice glow.

Photojojo shows us how to make a 3D tunnel book!

We're always on the lookout for something quirky and funky to do with our beloved photos -- but we'd never thought of making a 3D tunnel book with them.

Primarily that's because we didn't know what a 3D tunnel book was until we stumbled on this fab little instructional from Photojojo.

But now we do -- it's a 3D diorama made by using image to create  a foreground, middle ground and background -- we can't wait to make one.

Would you want your Leica re-painted?

Leica cameras are know for that famous little red dot (as well as their amazing image quality), but for some, it appears this isn't colourful enough.

As a result Colorware have started offering re-painted versions where you get to pick the colours of a Leica D-Lux 5 - whether you already own one, or want them to supply it.

And as you can see from the image above, there's almost no limit to the hideous colour combinations which you can have inflicted on your camera for $400. ($1200 if they provide it.)

Develop black and white film in coffee and vitamins

One of the beauties of digital cameras as far as we are concerned is not having to develop film - you simply pop the memory card into your computer and you're done.

Personally we were never fans of the chemical process of developing film, but believe it or not, some people used to enjoy it… and if you were one of them, you might want to attempt this.

That's because this video shows coffee-loving photographers how to develop black and white film with instant coffee, vitamin C, and washing soda. Yes really.

Meet the Hasselblad pinhole camera

If you were to squint a bit, you might think this was be a real Hasselblad camera, it's not - but that doesn't mean it's not almost as cool.

This is actually a fully-functional pinhole camera made by designer Kelly Angood which is constructed from corrugated cardboard.

She's already made versions which accept 120 and 35mm film, and while the images they are capable of producing won't rival those shot on a genuine Hasselblad, they are not too shabby either.

StickyGram Turns Instagrams into fridge magnets

In case you have been living in a cave for the past 12 months (or at least without a iPhone) and don't know what Instagram is, it's a photo sharing service which even manages to make mobile phone photos look cool.

 Basically you just snap away, pick from an impressive selection of filters and then share your images with other Instagram-using friends.

But the problem is you and other people only ever get to see the photographs on the front of a phone -- which is where StickyGram comes in.

DIY Sound-Sensitive High-Speed Photography Rig

As anyone who's ever tried their camera-holding hand at high-speed photography will know, capturing a split-second moment can take hours of preparation.

And unless you want to spend days constantly recreating your set-up as you snap in the hope of catching the ideal moment, setting up a suitable rig can also cost a fortune.

But it doesn't have to. Here is a video guide of how to build your own high-speed audio camera trigger -- though you will need considerably better electronics skills than us.

DIY - Kat Geiger Modern Photo Display

A DIY project that will knock your socks off when its done! Kat Geiger is a mixed media artist and decided to try something different - the results are amazing!

This collage was created from an old thesaurus that belonged to her grandmother. She painted the backs of the pages with glue, arranged them on a canvas and let it sit out overnight to dry. Once that layer was dry she cut out images of her family with an exacto knife and did the same to them - and the results are adorable. A truly meaningful display that will be a focal point for years to come!

AllPopArt - Pop Art Giveaway

Congratulations to Robin Fulton the winner in our Pop Art giveaway!

One of our FAVE sponsors, AllPopArt has generously offered another great giveaway for our readers! If you are on the hunt for one awesome gift, then you can probably find it at AllPopArt!

AllPopArt is generously giving one lucky Cool Photo Ideas reader a 16x20 (1) face (4) panel Warhol style portrait on gallery wrap canvas .


DIY Photo Gift Ideas

With the Holidays fast approaching and with most families looking for economical gift giving ideas, we have found some great ideas for DIY Photo Gifts for friends and family!

These DIY photo gift ideas are courtesy of FaveCrafts, which is a great site for finding any kind of craft project!  The projects listed below are a few we thought would really make exceptional gifts. You can find the instructions by clicking on the project name to be taken directly to the instructions and supplies list!

Baseball Bat Photo Display

Perfect for any baseball lover! In a kids room, playroom or "sports room", this unique photo display will be the focal point and remain a cherished gift that any baseball fan will love! Use the colors from their favorite team and images from various sporting events they have been to for a perfect DIY photo gift!

DIY Baseball Bat Photo Display