A Great New Resource For Our Readers

First, we want to thank all of our loyal readers that have really helped Cool Photo Ideas take off in the last 9 months - and yes, we are only 9 months old! Look for a birthday celebration soon!

Because we value our readers and really wanted to make a "one stop resource" for all of your photo needs, we are ready to launch our next part of our Cool Photo Ideas family!

We are proud to introduce our newest baby, Cool Photo Resources!

Cool Photo Ideas was meant to be an e-zine about all the great photo ideas, resources and gift ideas you could find, but we quickly realized that we were getting a lot of visitors looking for specific products or ideas. Hence, the directory was created!


How is our directory different than others? Well for one, it is meant to be very social - allowing you to share your great finds with family and friends, you can create your own little favorites list by creating an account with us and our listings feature all the information you need to make wise buying decisions!

In the coming months we will be adding full shopping cart features simplifying your shopping even more!

We would love to hear what you think and how we can make a better experience for you, our readers!

Now, keep in mind, the directory is brandy new....new vendors will be added all the time and as we grow so will the features and listings!

Stay tuned for more great things from Cool Photo Ideas in the coming months....wait, make that really COOL things!

But for now...go ahead and take a peak at our photo directory....you know you want to! Cool Photo Resources