Instacube: An Instagram digital photo frame

There's no denying that Instagram is having a huge impact of photography. The filter-based photo service has become one of the most popular ways to share photographs.

The problem is that this sharing has so far been limited to mobile phones and links on social networks … enter the Instacube, a digital photo frame for Instagram.

Currently looking for funding on KickStarter, the Instacube is a retro-inspired Android photo frame which connects to your wireless network and accesses your Instagram feed.

Images are then shown on the 600px by 600px touchscreen and you can also choose to view photos from your friends or the "popular" feed.

A spokesperson for the project said: "Instacube makes enjoying your Instagrams more enjoyable than ever before. 

"You are now free to effortlessly enjoy, display and show-off beautiful Instagrams in your home or office, all day long."