Samsung reveal Android-powered GALAXY Camera


Android cameras aren't just the ones you get in mobile phones anymore. The GALAXY Camera from Samsung is an Android-powered compact camera which can also be used to share images online and run apps.

The 16.3-megapixel camera looks like a traditional compact camera on one side (with a 23 mm, 21x optical zoom lens) and a mobile phone on the other, complete with Android home-screen and all the apps you would see on a phone.

Samsung says the GALAXY Camera - which boasts 3G and WiFi - gives you "the magic of professional digital photography with the powerful intelligence of the Android Jelly Bean OS."

Once users have taken their photo they can use apps to edit them, distribute them online … or even check Facebook, send an email or play a game.

The Samsung GALAXY Camera also features voice control, 8 GB on board memory. However, don't think this can replace your compact camera and phone, despite its looks the device has not been giver the ability to make phone calls.