Cool Photo Ideas has changed hands!

Hi everyone!

Well as Jill pointed out a week or so ago, I am now running Cool Photo Ideas! It was buy chance that I spotted the advert to take over the blog and I'm really happy that its all happened. I don't know the history of the site but I do know that Jill has been extremely helpful and professional in transferring all the loose ends and has done a fantastic job over the last year and a half.

I thought I'd give you a bit of a background on me... Jill may have accidentally confused things a little in her first post - but I'm a "he" rather than a she (easily done of course!) What else? I was born in London and love taking photographs - although at the moment have less and less time to do so! I also love technology and all the innovative photo products that make use of the oodles of imagery that bounce around our screens and I think new display products keeps the world of photography a bit more dynamic!

I also run a photo forum - dpforums - that I'm looking to get a little busier, along with a full time job in a large format printing company. Anyway, I could waffle on a lot more about myself but I'd rather get on and get to grips with Cool Photo! I hope to have the first post up in a few moments.

Thats all for now and please feel free to interact or send me queries or messages as you would have done previously!


Kerry x x