Wingscape BirdCam - A Nature Lovers Delight!

Ever wonder how you can catch that perfect image of those beautiful birds you try so hard to entice to your yard? Since most people do not happen to have one of those great telephoto lenses just laying around, we have found the perfect solution!

The Audobon BirdCam by Wingscapes will help you and your family rediscover the beauty of your yard when it is filled with critters and birds having fun and frolicking!

This innovative camera is weatherproof, motion-activated and easy to use! It captures photo, video and even sound so you don't miss a thing You can record to an SD card or use the 32MB of internal memory There are many mounting options including tree mounting, hanging off a hook or attaching it to a feeder. Depending what you want to capture you can set it up in so many ways so you do not miss one step of natures outdoor entertainment.

Prices for their products range from $80 - $200 and can be purchased at Wingscapes

Audobon BirdCam

Another super cool camera they offer is a Timelapse PlantCam! Imagine seeing the beauty of your plants growing in fast-forward.

TimeLapse PlantCam