DIY Sound-Sensitive High-Speed Photography Rig

As anyone who's ever tried their camera-holding hand at high-speed photography will know, capturing a split-second moment can take hours of preparation.

And unless you want to spend days constantly recreating your set-up as you snap in the hope of catching the ideal moment, setting up a suitable rig can also cost a fortune.

But it doesn't have to. Here is a video guide of how to build your own high-speed audio camera trigger -- though you will need considerably better electronics skills than us.

The system is basically a circuit which senses a sound and quickly triggers your flashgun and then camera to capture something like a balloon popping… or a wine glass being hit by a hammer.

As it's all a bit too complicated for our liking, we're unfortunately stuck left popping hundreds of balloons in a bid to get that "pop" shot.

That said, if any Cool Photo Ideas readers have a go at making this set-up, and then taking some high-speed images of your own, we'd love to see the results.