Creating a Photograpy Website: Tips and Tricks

Most photo artists don’t particularly enjoy the acquisition side of business. This should not come as a surprise – after all, nobody will pay you for the time spent out and about, looking for clients. As a freelancer, customer acquisition via telephone is particularly time-consuming, and can be rough on the nerves, too.

Of course, it would be much nicer if potential customers simply found you and contacted you on their own. A portfolio website can help you with that, always assuming that it appears at the top of search engine listings, in popular photographers directories, and in social networks. 

Things To Consider For Your Photo Wall Display

How do those magazines always seem to come up with those awesome photo display ideas? Why is is when you try the same photo display idea at home it never looks the same?

One reason is that most average people do not really take the time to evaluate their homes and spaces properly! Every wall display you see in a magazine has been carefully planned and designed to coordinate to the style and layout of the room. I know, it seems like it should be easier - but the extra steps you take to design your wall will be worth effort when you see how beautifully it all comes together.

Photo Wall Display provided by Pottery Barn

C'mon everyone - get the pictures off the computer!

So, I had a call yesterday, yes, on a Sunday...from a customer who was frantic about her pictures. She was getting ready to place an order for a Photo Purse and when she went to attach the image to her order she said her computer completely shut down and when she restarted it the screen was blank!

After talking to her for about 15 minutes, I came to the conclusion that it sounded like her computer just crashed and said "lady I have had enough, I cannot hold anymore data!".