Intuos 5 Professional Pen Tablet rolled out at Focus


If you're a fan of using a pen and tablet to work on your photos rather than a mouse or laptop touchpad, you've almost certainly heard of Wacom and their Intuos range.

Well this week Wacom rolled out the Intuos 5 at Focus -- adding the ability to alternate between the use of multi-finger touch to position and navigate your artwork, and the pressure sensitive pen to precisely retouch, and edit.

Available in three sizes (priced at £200, £330 and £430, respectively) the rubberised devices retain the impressive 2048 levels of pen pressure and add the multitouch gestures of OS X and Windows.

A spokesperson for Wacom said: "Intuos5 has several characteristics in terms of productivity that will save you time, as the four key functions of the Touch Ring and ExpressKeys that can be customized to suit your shortcuts and modifiers to your favorite applications.

"The new display innovative Express View provides a reminder of your ExpressKeys settings on the screen so you can stay focused on your screen and your work."