Marine Corps Rifles Inspire New Camera Sling


Whether you shoot with an AK-47 rifle, or a Nikon D700 you will know the importance of being able to get your 'weapon' released and to your eye quickly. 

Which is why it's not too surprising that a new camera sling and connector has been inspired by one used on US Marine Corps rifles. Okay, maybe it is surprising.

But the new Loop and LoopIt camera slings from Luma Labs use a steel Quick Detach Sling Swivel, which has been used for decades on US Army and Marine Corps rifles.

Makers say this can be used to connect to any strap mount point on a camera and gives you: "a great way to carry your SLR camera with you everywhere you go."

Unfortunately (for photographers rather than the makers) the device is proving so popular they can't keep up with demand and sold out within six hours. More stock is promised in January 2011.