Sony Cybershot C905a - Camera or Phone?

As a photographer, images are important. But carrying a camera with me everywhere I go can be a daunting task - but without my trusty camera I find myself missing some great moments! I have my trusty Blackberry of course, but have to admit the image quality has a lot to be desired (granted my standards may be higher than the average user!).

I recently had the opportunity to check out the Sony Ericsson C905a Cyber-Shot Camera, which happens to also be a phone that works on the AT&T Network. There are a lot of amazing features in this phone, but I am going to focus on the photo portion of it since that is what we tested it for!

c905a Camera Phone Review

I have one word. WOW!

Straight out of the box it was super easy to use. I did not touch the manual at all and was able to get it going and take some pictures.

The C905a has what I would imagine is one of the top cameras on any phone out there. Even on indoor pictures in low light it took an incredible shot, well lit - in focus and good color. It has a Xenon flash which offers better illumination than other standard flashes.

c905a Camera Phone Review
c905a Camera Phone Review

Here are some of the best features I have found on the C905a in terms of the camera:

  • Face recognition support which helps with auto focus
  • 8.1 MP - the most on any phone which allows for great printing
  • Red eye reduction
  • Small size measuring approximately 4 x 2 x .75 inches and weighing about 5 ounces
  • Works in both horizontal and vertical layout
  • Scene modes you can choose from which will help choose proper ISO settings (no manual ISO though - but it does a great job with the settings)
  • Ability to upload images right to your Blogger, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa or YouTube pages
  • "Best Pic" feature which allows you to snap several pictures with the push of one button.¬† It takes 3 images as you press the button and a few more after, so you can be assured you will get the perfect pic!

I took a few images...all in a dark living room on a rainy day - this is an image straight from the camera, no editing no lightening or anything has been applied. When I cropped in close, the detail was sharp and crisp - not something you find in most camera phone!

This camera phone is a must have for your Holiday wish list if you love photos!