Personalized Luxury Photo Chairs

I am in love! A chair is just a chair, until you make it YOURS of course! While surfing the web for something completely not related to this subject, I came across these chairs and thought WOW!!! So, my first thing is how the heck did Goggle get me to these when I typed in something about "reviews", hmm, so unclear on that! But anyway, how awesome are these:

OK, many of you may think I am nuts for liking these, excuse me LOVING these, but the quality looks amazing and the pictures are just yummy! Now can you imagine Fido or Sparkles the cat on one of these babies? Unfortunately, they are only offered in France, and until I can learn to speak French, I cannot even read their website, but you know if I can get them they will be in the store ASAP!

Did I say how much I love these?!?!