Looking for some nice gift ideas for photography-lovers?


Gifts for Her

Jo Totes: Camera Bags designed for women

Many female photographers complain that photography accessories are all too often geared towards men, and if you walk into any camera shop and look at things like bags, we think you will agree. Read more!


Fisheye Baby 110 is a pocket-sized Lomo Fisheye camera!

The Lomographic Society has released a pocket-sized fisheye camera which it claims brings the iconic warped looking images to the palm of your hand. Read more!



Vintage camera pillows are awesome and comfy!

Almost everyone shoots with a digital camera nowadays, so it's easy to forget how comfortable analogue cameras were… wait what? Read more!



   Gifts for Him


Lytro: The camera you can focus after taking a photo

Any photographer knows that getting your focus spot-on is one of the most important things when taking an image… or at least is was. Read more!



Autographer is an automated camera which decides when and what to shoot!

A hands-free camera which is worn around the neck and uses a host of sensors to automatically decide what photos to take is set to go on sale. Read more!



Photography bag doubles as beer cooler bag!

We've seen some interesting camera bags in the past, but this has to be the most bizarre. The Camera Cooler is a DSLR camera bag which also doubles as a cooler bag for your beers. Read more!



GoPro launch Hero 3...shoots 4K Videos

The Hero range of action-cameras have been popular with extreme sports aficionados for a few year now, and their latest camera, the Hero 3 looks sure to continue the trend. Read more!


Cameras and Equipment

Pimp your Cam turns black cameras bright!

While some cameras come in a variety of colours, others are only available in black. But the guys at PimpYourCam.com think you should have more choice. Read more!



AirTracks is a inflatable camera slider system


Shooting smooth movement on video can be tricky, which is why pros use big heavy and often expensive slider systems. AirTracks is still in the founding and producing process. But as soon as you can buy it - we will inform YOU! Read more!


Lensbaby launches affordable selective focus with the Spark

Lensbaby has been offering selective focus lenses for a few years now, but now they hope to take it to the masses with the launch of the more affordable Lensbaby Spark. Read more!


Canon EOS 650D packs a flip out 3-inch touch screen

If you think new DSLR features are just for professional models, think again … Canon have just announced the Canon EOS 650D - a DSLR which boasts an articulating three-inch touchscreen on the rear. Read more!