Review: Creating a good looking photobook with Blurb

With a good provider, nearly anybody can create a photobook these days. And – believe me - there are a lot of book printing providers out there.

The trick is to find the one that is right for you. The right style, layout, price and quality of the end-product are important points, as well the ability to create the book in an easy way.

As a first provider, I reviewed the service and quality of Here is my opinion.

Moleskine introduces classy photobooks

Moleskine, the brand behind the famous black notebooks, has joined the photo-book business by launching Print on Demand photo books and photo album.

Featuring the classic Moleskine cover, rounded corners, ivory colored acid-free FSC paper, elastic closure, and expandable pocket the books are a collaboration with MILK Photo Books.

The Moleskine photo range is available in three formats – Photo Books, Photo Books plus (a premium photo book range) and Photo Albums (with linen fabric presentation box) – in four sizes and multiple page extents from 20 to 200 pages.

Blurb launch new version of BookSmart

We've long been fans of Blurb printed photo-books and the BookSmart software we use to create them. But there have always been a few annoying little issues which in our eyes have stopped it going from being a good service to a great one.

Luckily Blurb have just released BookSmart 3 which promises to make everything a little easier and they say they have added the two most-requested features from user forums and feedback surveys.

First off you can finally adjust the the size of an existing book - this used to be our single biggest annoyance with both Blurb and BookSmart and will save us countless hours.

Five Valentine's Day Photo Gift Ideas

Well Valentine's Day is fast approaching and while you could give your loved one chocolates, flowers or jewellery, how about something photo-based instead?

Much more meaningful than a bland impersonal box of chocolates a unique photo-gift can hit the spot and better express how you really feel.

So with that in mind, we decide to take a look through the Valentine's Day offerings of and pick out our favourite five ideas… but to be honest we don't think you can go far wrong with a great personally meaningful shot in a classic frame.

Blurb Release Bookify Online Photo Bookmaking Tool

Self-publishing firm Blurb has announced the release of 'Bookify' a new online bookmaking tool which is said to make putting photo-books together even easier.


While Blurb users have traditionally downloaded dedicated bookmaking software to their computer - before uploading the final product to Blurb to be printed - the entire process can now take place online. 


Blurb say Bookify features a curated collection of their most popular photo-book layouts, fonts, and design elements which can be activated using a drag and drop interface.

Photo Books using iPhoto : Your View?

iPhoto has been a popular piece of software for Apple users for many years. I've always been tempted by their photo books but have never got round to ordering one. I'd like to create one to sample the quality and service and will feature the results on Cool Photo. If you've never used the software, its actually very straight forward to use. Simply select the photos you want to include in the book (select more than you need as you can always narrow down your selection) and click on "Book" at the bottom of iPhoto.

The following photos came bundled with my MacBook Pro under a Tibet photo project, so I selected all of them:

Best Blurb Books Contest

Finding a company that will print your images into a hard cover book at an affordable price and with great quality? No way!

Remember those days where it was virtually impossible to do this - it really wasn't that long ago! I remember as a photographer I began offering photo books years ago, but the cost was high and the process was lengthy in getting an order uploaded. But not anymore! Now there are many companies that offer this one-off printing - some good, some not so good.

But one I have found that seems to offer great quality, pricing and even sense of community is Blurb.


LifePhoto Printing Services - Eco Friendly Too!

CONGRATULATIONS TO Michelle P #14 who was our random winner!

GIVEAWAY BELOW! We know there is an overwhelming amount of printing services out there!  But this one stood out because of there Eco-Friendly product line.

Lifephoto offers a full array of products and services, but I think it is their eco-friendly product line that sets them apart from the rest.

Lifephoto EcoFriendly Digital Priting

Handcrafted Photo Cover Photo Albums

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then these albums should leave them speechless! That is the tag line from Iris & Lily's website, and we think it is perfectly fitting for their product.

Iris & L ily is a unique small business that creates keepsake albums with a personal touch. Your image encompasses the front of the album combined with your choice of accent fabric creating a one of a kind unique keepsake albums.

Shutterfly Wants to Welcome You!

So apparently there was a deadline made by Kodak Photo Gallery that if you did not meet a certain minimum qualifying purchase from your hosted photo galleries, then your images would be deleted! Now, I get that everyone needs to make money, but to me that is just poor customer service.

So if you are one of the unfortunate people that have been evicted, then take a look at what Shutterfly would like to offer you to ease the burden of moving!

Our friends at Shutterfly have put together a special "Welcome" program to welcome any Kodak Gallery users into the Shutterfly family.