If Only We Had Feel-A-Vision

I know sounds silly but this is one of those products you have to feel to believe! When I was first approached by Heat by Design I said nah, this can't work. I very RARELY ask for products to test out since I know it is costly for the manufacturer and I typically do not write reviews - but I had to see this to believe it! So, here is what I think.


Whispering Willow Photo Booth Frames - Contest!

I am always surprised to see how many people come to Cool Photo Ideas looking for information on Photo Booth Picture Frames! Apparently these are hugely popular - but ways to display are not always easy! Whispering Willow has the answer!

Deborah from Whispering Willo is a true artist and creates stunning stained glass picture frames in a variety of sizes, but its her Photo Booth Picture Frames that we fell in love with! So many styles, designs, colors and even layouts to let you showcase those fun photo booth pictures for everyone to enjoy!  She can fit the traditional sized photo booth frame or even the newer wider size as long as you let her know! All her pieces are handcrafted and custom orders are welcome!

Part Picture Frame Part Art!

No matter what your personal style is - there are not too many people that do not find these picture frames to be absolutely stunning to look at!

Elements Jill Schwartz is the designer behind these unique and handcrafted picture frames. Her training as a graphic and interior designer coupled with a love of ancient and ethnic arts gives her a natural talent for creating stunning collages assembled onto a variety of odd shaped frames - all with a vintage touch.

Each photo frame is handcrafted and contains antique finds and accents. A true masterpiece for those that prefer the best in life!


Metal Photo Wall Art Display

Beautiful crafted metal displays that showcase your images beautifully! These decor pieces will definitely be a focal point when your friends and family step into the room.

If you are tired of plain old collage frames, then check out Touc of Class for these unique displays made of metal.

All Barnwood Picture Frames

All Barn Wood is a small business located in Utah that creates unique picture frames and other home decor items from weathered barn wood! With so many styles, colors and sizes to choose from we bet you find the perfect frame  for your next photo display project all at a great price!

Although many of the product images on the site show the frames in their natural state or in dark color palettes, we did find this great color selection available on their selection of Antique Wood Frames!

Here are a few of the handcrafted frames they offer - but there are many more styles, colors and options available! So if you are looking for handcrafted wood frames, western style picture frames or rustic picture frames then check out All Barn Wood and support a small business!

western picture frame

A Photo Wall Idea For The Photo Challenged

So I often get emails from readers who, even with instructions, cannot seem to put a photo wall together! So, if this doesn't make it easy I do not know what does!

If you are just not the type that enjoys aligning, hammering and putting together your images, then you need to take a look at this stunning design concept by

Swedish designer Lisa Bengtsson.


Photo Plates You Can Do At Home

Here is a great personalized gift that you can do yourself! This project was featured in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine, and it is definitely on of my favorite projects. Whether you choose to make it is a gift, create a stunning wall display for yourself or just make one to adorn a tabletop - these will be everlasting displays that will warm the heart.photo_plate

PhotoBooth Picture Frames - Giveaway

CONTEST CLOSED: Since the first place winner did not contact us within the time frame, a new winner has been selected! Congratulations to Deborah Stinson #42 who was the 2nd random number chosen in our contest!

Congratulations to Susan Varnery #31 who is the winner of our Photo Booth Frame Giveaway!

SPECIAL OFFER for our Cool Photo Ideas readers only! Whispering Willow is offering $5.00 off any order through the month of January! Simply enter the code "coolphoto" at checkout to receive your discount. Thanks to Deborah at Whispering Willow for this generous offer!

I Find These Frames A Little Distressing...

...so I need to give one away! That's right, this is one of our best giveaways yet, a true handcrafted masterpiece made in the USA by a wonderful couple who take pride in their work. To top off the excellent quality of these handcrafted frames by Frame-Love is the use of organic milk paint which is a more organic natural paint that is better for the artisan and for your family!

I purchased one of these frames so that I could see what the quality was, hey, I am a skeptic by nature! I got a 5x7 Green Tea picture frame under the Feeling Groovy section! I LOVE it, it is just as beautiful as it looks on the site!

A Photo Light To Love

Enhance your favorite pictures with these creative photo nightlights that illuminate your images from the back creating a calming light source that is perfect as a decor accent in your living room or a night light in your babies room.

Each frame comes with a durable metal frame, 7.5 watt bulb and 6' cord with on off switch. It uses everyday photographs and can be changed in an instant!