Getting The Hang Of It!

I came across this great blog, Young House Love a few days ago and was WOW'ed by the work this young couple has done to their home.

They have also put together a great video with step by step tips and samples of creating great wall displays that I know you will love! And I definitely recommend stopping by their blog for great ideas for decorating your home on a budget!

So sit back, grab a drink and watch a very inspirational video of some great photo wall display ideas and how to make them!

Young House Love: Framing Arrangements from John & Sherry Petersik on Vimeo.

When To Update Your Wall Decor - 5 Clues!

You know you love the idea of a photo mural. Still, it's hard to know when a wall decor update is called for. After all everything eventually comes back in style. That peeling kitchy country border in your bedroom holds some fond memories.  Hey‚We understand.And we can help!

Here are 5 clues that it’s probably time to update your wall decor to an eclectic photo mural or custom wall mural from ArtisticHomeowner:

1. You hosted a home interiors party 10 years ago and the dust on your hostess gift floral wreath has turned it ghostly white.  Everybody pretends not to notice

2. Your oldest kid is in high school and you still have crayola marks at about the 2 foot level speckled about the living room.  Everyone pretends not to notice. scary-family3

Inexpensive Wall Displays - Big Impact

Here are a few more wall display ideas that we have had tucked away! These are ideas that create a striking impact without spending a lot of money! These ideas are from old Domino magazines that I have stock piled around my home with sticky's in them!

Creative sizing and layout of frames can help achieve a focal point in a space you may have not even considered useable space!

Image courtesy of Domino Magazine

Wedding Photo Ideas

A wedding is a special time that is about family and friends - and including pictures and images as part of that special day is an important piece to making it a perfect celebration of love!

Here are a few ideas that we love and we hope will inspire you to create your own version for your big day. Both of these items will bring your guests to tears! Click on the images to see more detail at Martha Stewart Weddings.

Photo Cake


Great Photo Wall Done Cheap

I love perusing the web and finding creative and inspirational ideas and people! This is a great example of a stunning Photo Wall display that was done on a small budget. The designer created 12x12 enlargements from Shutterfly, her frames are from Michael's and only cost $4.99 and she found these awesome wall sticker quotes at the Dollar Tree!

Photography by Get A Glimpse Creations, Family portrait by Debra Parker Designs

Peel & Stick Frames Giveaway!


Congratulations to Pamela H. who has won our Peel and Stick giveaway. If Pamela does not respond to our email within 3 business days, a new winner will be chosen!

BUTCH & harold are the imaginary childhood dogs of sister team Michele and Ariane Gold. They went everywhere with the girls and have most recently become the namesake of their innovative home design collection of peel and stick artwork.

Photo Walls Made Easy

Since this seems to be a very popular topic based on our feedback, we have decided to do our best to offer more topics in this area!

With this post we will point out a few simple steps to help you outline the perfect space in your home to create a photo art wall! Go to any home and you are bound to find plenty of empty wall space. Why? Because typically people find hanging portraits a difficult and challenging task.

There is also the fear of putting holes in the wall only to find you hate the way the portraits look when they are hung. Well, there are solutions for these problems!

Perfect Display For Nooks & Crannies

We know there are a large range of consumers who love displaying their photographs, but with this large diverse group we also know that everyone has different tastes in regards to size, placement and quantity of pictures they would like to display.

This idea is perfect for the photo lover who wants a simple yet dramatic look. With smaller sized images and a combination of a few other art pieces, you can create a big impact in a small space.

Things To Consider For Your Photo Wall Display

How do those magazines always seem to come up with those awesome photo display ideas? Why is is when you try the same photo display idea at home it never looks the same?

One reason is that most average people do not really take the time to evaluate their homes and spaces properly! Every wall display you see in a magazine has been carefully planned and designed to coordinate to the style and layout of the room. I know, it seems like it should be easier - but the extra steps you take to design your wall will be worth effort when you see how beautifully it all comes together.

Photo Wall Display provided by Pottery Barn

Photo Wall Display Made Easy

As a photographer one of the most common dilemmas I see my clients face is how to hang portraits on the wall. I was finding that many clients order 5" x 7" portraits and maybe an 8" x 10" because they did not know what to do with any other sizes! I am a big believer that pictures are meant to be on the wall for friends and family to appreciate, not stuffed in a box or an album.

I will be dedicating many articles to this topic, but to start off I am going to share some templates that showcase how larger images can be displayed in your home in a variety of situations. These are meant to be inspirational and offer ideas as to how you can create a space in your own environment.

I use these templates in my portrait work, they were created by one of my favorite photographers Lena Hyde and the team at Design Aglow who are a photographers dream store!

Photo Wall Gallery 1