Jesper Bruun the most popular man of stock photography

You've probably never heard of Jesper Bruun, but that doesn't mean you don't know of him, he's one of the most photographed and featured men in the world.

That's because the Danish model is the star of the stock image circuit and has been used to front countless advertising campaigns around the world. Something that many true photographers are not happy about.

So Câmera Clara Photography Studio recently set out to meet Jesper and find out a bit more about him and what he thinks about stock photography being used in the place of commissioned photo-shoots for advertising.

Pete Eckert: The Amazing Blind Photographer

Pete Eckert is one of the most stunning photographers we have ever ever heard of. Not only because his images are eerily haunting visuals… but because he is blind.

Eckert lost his sight as an adult due to Retinitis Pigmentosa, and bizarrely it was after this - upon finding an old camera which had belonged to his mother - he decided to take up photography.

After getting his wife to describe the settings to him, he decided to used the infrared setting because he liked the idea of a blind guy doing photos in a non-visible wavelength.

Video: Interview With White House Photographer Pete Souza

Chief Official White House Photographer Pete Souza recently took time out from snapping candid shots of President Obama to answer questions from budding photographers. 

Since the launch of The White House Flickr photostream -- mostly taken by Souza -- images have been viewed over 41 million times and average around 50,000 hits per day.

That's because Souza has unprecedented access to Obama whether he is phoning the opposition after a disastrous election night (above) or playing with his dog, Bo, in the White House gardens (below).

Leah Stafford - Ohio Boudoir Photographer Interview

We are thrilled to announce the 1st in our series of "Cool Photographer" interviews that we will be sharing at Cool Photo Ideas.

Every other Friday we will profile a new photographer in an effort to help our readers get to learn more about the styles, personalities, educations and passions of the everyday professional photographer - and what makes them tick!

Our first interview is with:

Leah Stafford from Intimate Boudoir by Leah Stafford

Boudoir Baby!

As a photographer, this is not something I do, but I am always in awe of those photographers that do boudoir sessions! How they can make an everyday housewife like me look like something out of a Hollywood movie is simply magical !

Having these images made is one thing, but to then have a stunning piece of art made with those images is another. A boudoir album not only makes a great gift for your husband, but for yourself as well. What mom or wife, who spends her days in jeans and tee's would not to see themselves look this amazing.

This album is a special boudoir album made for a client of photographer,

Jane Rutten

...and I think it is just absolutely stunning.

Image courtesy of Design Aglow

Image courtesy of Design Aglow

This album features images and design by Lauren Rutten using design inspiration from Design Aglow, a specialty resource for photographers.

So ladies, I would love to hear if this is something you would ever do for your man, or even just yourself! And for those guys out there....would you think this would be a great gift for you next birthday?