Photojojo shows us how to make a 3D tunnel book!

We're always on the lookout for something quirky and funky to do with our beloved photos -- but we'd never thought of making a 3D tunnel book with them.

Primarily that's because we didn't know what a 3D tunnel book was until we stumbled on this fab little instructional from Photojojo.

But now we do -- it's a 3D diorama made by using image to create  a foreground, middle ground and background -- we can't wait to make one.

Sticker Frames Remove The Need For Screws

Sometimes you want to show off a photographic print, but don't want to have to go to the effort of hanging a frame, well how about getting a set of these… sticker frames.

Available in a range of designs, shapes and sizes, sticker frames can be an ideal solution if you are renting and not allowed to put up traditional frames, or you just can't be bothered.

Made out of sticky vinyl, each of the frames can be used to house your image and hold them to the wall, you simply roll it out over the photo to affix it.

All Barnwood Picture Frames

All Barn Wood is a small business located in Utah that creates unique picture frames and other home decor items from weathered barn wood! With so many styles, colors and sizes to choose from we bet you find the perfect frame  for your next photo display project all at a great price!

Although many of the product images on the site show the frames in their natural state or in dark color palettes, we did find this great color selection available on their selection of Antique Wood Frames!

Here are a few of the handcrafted frames they offer - but there are many more styles, colors and options available! So if you are looking for handcrafted wood frames, western style picture frames or rustic picture frames then check out All Barn Wood and support a small business!

western picture frame

A Photo Wall Idea For The Photo Challenged

So I often get emails from readers who, even with instructions, cannot seem to put a photo wall together! So, if this doesn't make it easy I do not know what does!

If you are just not the type that enjoys aligning, hammering and putting together your images, then you need to take a look at this stunning design concept by

Swedish designer Lisa Bengtsson.


Glass Jar Photo Frames

Jars, Jars, Jars! We always have them and never know what to do with them! But now there is a create way to recycle and enjoy those jars. This look would be awesome in a shabby or country styled home! Simply take a photo slip it into the jar, turn that jar upside down...and voila, you have an adorable and unique frame idea!


Photo Plates You Can Do At Home

Here is a great personalized gift that you can do yourself! This project was featured in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine, and it is definitely on of my favorite projects. Whether you choose to make it is a gift, create a stunning wall display for yourself or just make one to adorn a tabletop - these will be everlasting displays that will warm the heart.photo_plate

Inexpensive Wall Displays - Big Impact

Here are a few more wall display ideas that we have had tucked away! These are ideas that create a striking impact without spending a lot of money! These ideas are from old Domino magazines that I have stock piled around my home with sticky's in them!

Creative sizing and layout of frames can help achieve a focal point in a space you may have not even considered useable space!

Image courtesy of Domino Magazine