Nikon celebrates 80th NIKKOR anniversary with lens-making movie

Nikon recently celebrated the 80th anniversary of the Nikkor brand … and decided to commemorate the achievement by releasing a video offering an insight into how its lenses are made nowadays.

The three-and-a-half-minute movie takes viewers through lens-making process; from forming the glass, to meticulously checking and polishing it before fixing it in a barrel ready to mounted on your camera.

It's a fascinating insight into process you probably take for granted, and certainly a great way to celebrate the 80 year history which began with the first shipment of Nippon Kogaku’s Aero-Nikkor aerial photographic lenses.

More than 75 million Nikkor lenses have been produced since then and the current line-up of interchangeable lenses consists of almost 80 types ranging from fisheyes to super-telephotos.