Some different wedding pictures

There are often the same picture ideas for weddings or of wedding couples. Now I’ve decided to do my own research by looking through the web for some different ideas.

There are always couple shootings done with the bridesmaids, the best man and the whole family. Posing in a normal way is good – everybody looks fine and nice, and if you are later looking at the pictures you’ll think: “yes, that was a very nice day” – and that is good, because you need these kinds of pictures.

But what can you do in addition to create some unique und fun wedding pictures, something your guests and you will both really love? Something that will make you say: “Yeah! That wedding was the most fun ever!”

Here are some examples!

1. Group pictures: 

The best and funniest for me is the T-Rex picture. The day I found it I couldn’t hold back my laughter –  I really want this for my wedding pictures! It’s such a great idea if everybody is really working with the photographer! So, my dear guests – be prepared for a T-Rex-shooting! 

Another way – without Photoshopping monsters in - are these group pictures:

With this levitation picture, the group has to jump - all together and at the exact same time. It will take more than just one try! But the picture is worth it!

And here are some more examples!

2. Couple pictures:  

These ideas are a bit more kitschy, but if you do it well it’s a great idea: What about light paintings with the wedding couple and guests? This could be the idea for a great 'Thank you' after the wedding! Take a light painting-picture of your guests – with hearts or other light-symbols, develop them and send them as 'Thank You-Card' to your guests. They will love to have it and remember your wedding in a special way. (I will definitely use this idea!)

Or fly away with your new husband! Some levitation pictures will work here too! Let your guests take these photos the same way!

3.  The rings:

Beautiful ways to remember your special day. This idea is cute and you can use it as a 'Thank You-Card' or just for the cover of your wedding album. And it’s so simple – the hands of the couple pressed in sand (or snow) and the real rings. Nice, simple = perfect!

4. The Photo Booth:

Your guest will love to get into the photo booth! And you’ll have a great and fun memory of your special day. You can do it lovely, freaky or just simple in black and white – just as you like.

I hope there were some ideas you will use for your wedding! I have definitely found something!

As a little advice: now that you know these funny picture ideas – don’t forget the normal pictures. A mixture of both is the best way!