New look, new owner

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Dear Photography Friends,

Today I am announcing some new changes here at CoolPhotoIdeas. There has been a change of ownership and a layout update as well!

Well, Kerry handed me over the website, so I am the new owner. With this post, I want to introduce myself along with my new ideas and layout.

My name is Céline Mülich. I am originally from Germany, now living in Barcelona. I studied History and Art History and I love taking pictures – although I am not a professional photographer. I worked for 6 years in an art museum in Frankfurt and now I am a freelancer running my own art-related web projects.

Photography and art are still my favorite interests, and I want to share my thoughts with you about them in this blog.

My ideas

I am very interested in the artistic part of photography. I want to share ideas about taking pictures with you, and I want to actually work with these pictures; I want to print them, and I want to create something with them with the ultimate goal of presenting them in public. For that reason, I will concentrate on testing printing services and website builders. I will share my results with you and I hope that you find just the right service for your project.

I will look around for some ‘Do it yourself Ideas’ for your own photo wall at home! There are already some very nice ideas posted – just take a look at the blog. Also, I love gifts with a photography theme - therefore, I will give you some nice ideas for gifts. And, of course, I will share my experience of taking pictures with you. So every time I learn something cool or a new technique when it comes to taking pictures – I will let you know!


What’s new?

My first step on this website was to create a whole new look. And I really hope you like it! It is now a bit more colorful and cleaner.

There are 6 different possibilities to enter the website, and I hope you will like and feel comfortable with it! And, of course, the blog is still there – so start with reading the latest news if you are interested in that! 

 Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think about the new layout (whether it’s praise or criticism)!

All the best!