Add colour to your photos with a universal flash filter kit


Playing around with lighting and colour is a sure way to add an interesting dynamic to your photos -- which is why the peeps over at Photojojo have started selling a 'Rainbow' flash filter kit.

Promising to make quirky lighting easy and fun, the universal flash filter kit consists of 20 flash filters which can attach to any external flash via an included band.

While 15 of the colour filters for "adding creative pops of color to your photos" there are others for colour-correcting and canceling out weird ambient light and one which is specially made for diffusion.


The set of 3" x 2.5" filters come with a carrying case for added portability.

A spokesperson for Photojojo said: "Quality-made, crinkle-proof, and thoughtfully sized to work with *any* external flash you may have, these guys will make lighting what you've always dreamed it should be: a blast."