LensBling: Lens caps which make finding the right one easier


We all know what it's like, you're under pressure and need to reach for the 85mm, but looking into your camera bag all you see is a collection of black lens caps. How do you know which is the right one?

Well the guys over at BlackRapid have come up with a solution, LensBling rear lens caps which have the focal length of lens printed on the back in bright and bold numbers - it's so simple we wonder how it hasn't been done before.

A spokesperson for BlackRapid said: "The caps’ bright, bold and raised labeling that allows easier visibility. The numbers on the lenses represent the focal length of the camera lens, thus putting an end to the struggle to find the right lens, while increasing speed, efficiency, and the promise of capturing every shot."

So far there are a selection of Nikon and Canon caps available in the following sizes, for $8.50 each.

Nikon fit: 24mm, 50mm, 85mm, 70-­‐200mm and 105mm Canon fit: 24mm, 24-­‐70mm, 50mm, 85mm, and 70-­‐200mm