Lensbaby Pro Effects Kit: Professional but still fun


Lensbaby have some pretty cool products, in the past we've raved about their Sweet 35 and various selective focus tool -- but we've always seen them as fun rather than work.

That could be changing soon though, after they released Pro Effects Kit, a bundle of  their product which combine to make a unique tool to aid your creative photogrpahy.

A spokesperson for Lensbaby said: "This versatile kit provides a selective focus system solution for whatever type of photography you're shooting.  From portraits and weddings to landscape and commercial photography - this kit is the top choice.

Included in the $750.00 Pro Effects Kit is the Lensbaby Composer Pro with Sweet 35 Optic, the Edge 80 Optic, Macro Converters, Lens Cleaning Cloth and the Lensbaby System Bag.