BlackMagic Cinema Camera offers 2.5K Resolution for £2000


Just about a week ago we were telling you about the Canon EOS-1D C -- a 4K shooting DSLR -- but are aware the £8,000 price-tag may have put you off.

Well if that was the case and you don't quite need all of that resolution, how about the BlackMagic Cinema - a video camera with a 2.5K resolution and a modest £2,000 price.

The stylish camera is said to deliver "that timeless feature film look" and in addition to the 2.5K image sensor offers 13 stops of dynamic range, LCD touchscreen monitoring and a built-in SSD recorder.

Blackmagic Cinema Camera is compatible with EF and ZE mount lenses and records in the popular open standard uncompressed RAW, enabling a RAW workflow (compressed file formats are also available.

Other specs include:

Sensor Resolution 2592 x 2192

Raw Resolution         12-bit RAW files recorded at 2432 x 1366

Shooting Resolutions 2.5K RAW at 2432 x 1366.

ProRes and DNxHD at     1920 x 1080

Frame Rates         23.98p, 24p, 25p, 29.97p, 30p

Sensor Size         16.64 mm x 14.04 mm

Sensor Size - Active 15.6 mm x 8.8 mm

Dynamic Range         13 stops

Focus                 Focus button turns on peaking

Iris Control         Iris button automatically adjusts the lens iris settings so no pixel is clipped

Lens Mount         EF and ZE mount compatible with electronic iris control

Screen Dimensions 5" and 800 x 480 resolution

Screen Type         Integrated LCD capacitive touchscreen