Think Tank keep SD cards safe with Pixel Pocket Rocket


We've lost more SD cards than we care to think about, sure they sometimes turn up in the bottom of our camera bag, but we're constantly misplacing them.

And those people at Think Tank must have the same problem -- because they have just released the SD Pixel Pocket Rocket, a compact carrier for 9 SD memory cards.

The wallet-like holds your memory cards in clear pockets and the SD storage can also be tethered to your bag for a added security.

A spokesperson for Think Tank said: "The SD Pixel Pocket Rocket keeps those small but invaluable SD memory cards safely stored in one place. No more lost SD cards, and no more found SD cards in the bottom of the washing machine.

"You buy a holster for your camera and a filter for your lens; so why not organize and protect the most important part of the puzzle?"