Nikon D4 and D800 prices increased in UK: Will your camera be going up £500?


If you've got a pre-order in for a D4 or a D800, your biggest worry has until now been how long will it be before you get your mitts on your lovely new camera.

But now a potential spanner has been thrown into the works -- in the form of a blunder prompted price hike.

It's being reported that due to a 'systems error' at Nikon the D4 and D800 have been accidentally underpriced by £500 and £200 respectively.

Though details are still coming in -- it's not yet clear how it took this long to notice the error -- some retailers have already upped their D800s to £2599 and their D4s to £5289.

-- As someone with an order for a D800 waiting to be shipped I want to know if pre-orders could be impacted!