Great photography idea for capturing animal shots

A photographer has used his ingenuity and his humble iPhone to shoot some pretty impressive shots and video footage and of animals at a zoo.

On a recent trip to the zoo Mark Rober noticed how desperate people were to get a photo of the gorillas -- and that the gorillas weren't impressed with humans banging on their enclosure.

So he hit upon the idea of using the screen of his iPhone to let the animals he was filming, to see themselves… and sure enough the idea worked.

In fact it worked so well he went on to produce a 'Gorilla cam' -- consisting of a  iPhone mounted behind a mirror with a hole cut in it -- to get some even more impressive footage.

Speaking on YouTube the photographer (who knows he was really filming orang-utans and not gorillas) said: "If you love or hate (or are ambivalent towards) gorillas you are gonna really like this."