Scalado Remove deletes unwanted people from your photos

There isn't a photographer out there who hasn't found themselves pressing the shutter button just as an unwanted character steps into frame and ruins a good photo.

And while until now we've been left seething behind a smile and and saying it doesn't matter, it appears there could soon be another way...

Swedish imaging firm Scalado have just revealed their 'remove' technology which can be used to delete unwanted objects and people who entered the frame.

The tech -- which is set to be shown off at Mobile World Congress -- takes a series of photos as people move around and then allows you to delete them with the composite photo filling in the missing background.

A spokesperson for Scalado said: "When capturing photos in a busy area, like a public square or a concert for example, it is often difficult to get a clean shot without unwanted objects entering the frame.

"Now you can capture the shot anyway, and simply let the camera remove the people for you!"