OddPrints.com helps you print photos for unusual-sized frames


Photo labs are all very good for printing standard sizes such as 6"×4" or 7"×5", but if you've got an unusual-sized frame you wan to put a photo in, it can all get a bit tricky.

Trying to help you out is the recently-launched website OddPrints.com. Users upload their image and select the size they would like to get it printed.

The site then resizes the digital file and produces it as part of a standard-sized print, from a 6"x4" to a 10"x8". The file is then downloaded and can be taken to any photo lab to be printed.

A spokesperson said: "Sometimes you want to print your photos at different dimensions or ratios. With OddPrints you can choose any size you like.

"We then generate a new image to print at a standard size which is ready to be cut down to the size you want"