Magnetic quick release mount for compact cameras


While filters used to be a mainstay of photography, they are used less and less in digital photography. But the MagFilter System hopes to change that by bringing easy filters to your compact camera.

The Magfilter System comes in a variety of sizes to suit cameras including the Sony RX100 or Canon S100 and consists of a magnetic ring which attaches to the end of your lens and then magnetic filters which pop on or off.

Current filters on offer include polarizing filters and neutral density filters. A spokesperson said: "The revolutionary Carry Speed MagFilters provide the most innovative and unobtrusive filter solution to high end compact cameras.

"A very thin metal ring is first adhered to the front of the camera lens and still allows the lens to expand and retract back into the camera body.

"The Carry Speed MagFilters quickly connect to the metal ring with strong magnets embedded in the MagFilter body."