AntiCrop lets users expand those borders for a bigger image


A good crop can make or break an image, but sometimes we wish we could uncrop our raw images and make them that little bit wider.

Well the good news for iPhone photographers is that they now can thanks to an iOS app which uses a clever set of algorithms to create the parts of the photo your lens couldn't cover. AntiCrop is said to be the world's first app with anti-cropping algorithm and can uncrop photos in any direction using a lossless straighten technique.

Obviously the software can't uncrop faces, buildings or other unpredictable objects -- but makers claim it will do the job nicely on skies, beaches and other scenery.

A spokesperson for makers Adva-Soft, said: "Inside this app lies a highly intellectual content filling tool that adds pixels to the expanded area of your photo.

"It’s highly recommended for all kinds of backgrounds and homogeneous textures. Great results are achievable when working with nature landscapes, backgrounds and much more."