SanDisk to partner with Eye-Fi for new memory cards


We have been big fans of Eye-Fi and the wireless talents of their memory cards for quite some time -- and it appears so have SanDisk.

The flash memory storage firm has just announced that they will be partnering with Eye-Fi for an upcoming range of 4 and 8Gb co-branded SD cards.

The SanDisk Eye-Fi Wireless memory cards will allow users to instantly transfer photos and videos from a camera to a nearby smartphone, tablet, or computer as you would expect.

Pascal de Boer, vice president, retail sales, SanDisk, said: “Eye-Fi’s convenient wireless solution and our high-quality flash memory allow consumers to easily back up, organise and share their digital photos and videos.

"Now consumers can capture a photo, transfer it to a nearby mobile device and share it with the world, all without ever removing the memory card from their camera.”