Use an iPad to take “Polaroid” Test Shots


In the past we've looked at some of the photography related apps you can get for the Apple iPad - and there really are some great ones out there.

But an article over at got our attention with an interesting way of using the iPad in your photo workflow… using it for "Polaroid" test shots.

Though the camera not not be of a good enough quality to use (not even for test shots) they point out that the £29 iPad Camera Connection Kit could add this functionality.

It's suggested that rather than trying to gauge the quality of your images on the back of your camera, you use the larger 9.7-inch screen of the iPad.

So once you've taken a few test shots you simply connect the iPad and D-SLR with a cable or pop an SD card into the Connection Kit and launch your images to see what works and what doesn't.

We think this could be even better improved by using a Eye-Fi card and settgin up so that you could simply tag images on your camera and have them instantly pop up on your Apple device.