Why pro photographers are leaving Flickr for 500px


While for many people, Flickr is still the obvious choice for storing and showcasing images online, pros are apparently leaving the service for a host of alternatives.

Recently the guys over at TheNextWeb took a look at 500px -- a site which is said to be luring serious photographers from the Yahoo-owned Flickr.

In the article they looked at why users were leaving Flickr and why 500px seemed to be a destination for serious and pro users

While the full article is well worth a read, the highlights of 500px over Flickr were said to be the more modern style of the site, optional themes, the photography-literate community and the licensing and sales options.

Though there is also the the ability to have an RSS feed of images and link you account to a custom domain, all this comes at a cost. $50 per year compared to the $25 of Flickr. Let us know if you think it's worth it.