SpiderPro Pad: A Holster System for Pros


There are times when pro photographers need to carry more cameras than they have hands free - and for just such an occasion Spider Holster have released the SpiderPro Pad.

The holster-style carrying system is said to eliminate the back, shoulder and neck strain of carrying cameras and can comfortably hold two pro-level DSLR cameras.

Makers say that the modular system offers cross-platform compatibility and can fit to SpiderPro Belts as well as third-party photography belts.

"After launching the SpiderPro system we received overwhelming positive feedback from professional photographers,” said Shai Eynav, President of Spider Holster and inventor of the system.

“The modular system was crafted with professional photographers in mind, and can hold two pro-level cameras with pro lenses and speedlights.

"The modular ProPad allows them to add a holster to the existing Single Camera System or remove the second holster and pad for one-camera shoots as well.”