The gloves are off for wildlife photographers


For wildlife photographers (or stalkers) it's important not to be seen, and to accomplish this you need to cover up things which make you stand out, whether that's your camera, body or hands.

And that last one can be tricky, because most camouflage gloves are not designed with fiddly actions like spinning dials and pressing buttons in mind.

Luckily a firm called 'Stealth Gear' have stepped in with their latest item, camouflage gloves made especially for photographers which are said to offer a perfect balance between warmth and camera control and sell for £39.95.

Craig Derbyshire, managing director of Stealth Gear, said: "During our market research we found that very few outlets both online and on the high-street offered photographers gloves which have been designed by the professionals.

"We have worked closely with a range of photographers and we have taken on board their feedback, so we are expecting them to be extremely popular.

"These photographer's gloves are fantastic because they even include adjustable wrist cords, allowing the user to attach them to the Extreme Photographer Jacket and Smock and they even boast a silicone palm for increased grip."