Lensbaby Sweet 35: Will it hit your sweet spot?


We love the Lensbaby range of products for providing a cost-effective way of instantly boosting our creativity and making photography fun.

Sure they are lo-fi optics, but the way the gizmos let you create a focus sweet spot and add artistic blurring, it's fantastic… until you change the aperture.

Until recently this meant fiddling about and replacing magnetic rings of varying diameter, and to be honest it spoiled the fun that was using Lensbaby products.

Luckily, they have now added the new Sweet 35 optic - their first optic with an adjustable aperture - which does away with the frustrating interchangeable magnetic aperture system.

The Sweet 35 drops into your existing Lensbaby (whether Composer, Scout, Muse or Control Freak) and does what you would expect.

Photographers can now quickly change the aperture from f/2.5 to f/22, simply by rotating the dial on the front of the optic.

Craig Strong, Lensbaby Co-Founder said: "Changing the look of images from my Lensbaby lens with the Sweet 35 optic by quickly adjusting the aperture dial at the front of the optic has become habit-forming and allows me to create photographs I would never see through another lens."