Adobe roll out Photoshop Express V2


It seems like only yesterday we were telling you all about how Adobe had updated their Photoshop Express software with version 1.5.

Well how time flies… because that was actually January and version 2.0 is now out with a host of tweaks and new features.

However, while the app has gained a new camera workflow "for rapid in-app photo-taking" along with retina display and multi-tasking support - it's not all good news.

That's because Adobe have also added the "Camera Pack" which offers noise reduction, self timer and auto review features… but at a price, a $3.99 in-app purchase to be exact.

Speaking of the release Jordan Davis, senior product manager, said: "The core camera, editing, and sharing features in Photoshop Express continue to be available in the free app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

"However, we are introducing paid features that deliver professional results to give more value to our customers.

"The Reduce Noise feature puts professional Adobe Photoshop quality in the palm of your hand."