Decorate your walls with pixelated cameras


We're constantly on the look-out for quirky photography-related gifts and have just fallen in love with these pixelated camera decals … now if only we had a bit of spare wall space.

These vinyl wall decals are taken from Billy Browns amazing pixelated history of cameras and come in a variety of different packs.

The 'Pixel Perfect' range is designed to be used to decorate walls, ceilings, door and laptops and are made of of matte vinyl which can be taken off almost as easily as they are put on.

And we absolutely love them… to be honest the only problem we've been able to identify so far is the issue of trying to decide which pack to buy first.

The 'camera collection' gives you a selection of 30 decals between 2 and 5 inches wide while the medium format and SLR ones come in packs of 10 larger decals.