Blurb launch new version of BookSmart


We've long been fans of Blurb  printed photo-books and the BookSmart software we use to create them. But there have always been a few annoying little issues which in our eyes have stopped it going from being a good service to a great one.

Luckily Blurb have just released BookSmart 3 which promises to make everything a little easier and they say they have added the two most-requested features from user forums and feedback surveys.

First off you can finally adjust the the size of an existing book - this used to be our single biggest annoyance with both Blurb and BookSmart and will save us countless hours.

The second big new feature is the ability to add a two-page photo spread with full bleed. This has been done with addition of a drag and drop "photo spread layout" option. Blurb say photos will automatically fill up both pages, right to the edges.