Site allows you to get photos reviewed by pros


One of the best ways to take better photographs is to constantly review your images  and look at what you did well, and what you could have done better.

But the problem for many hobby photographers is that they don't necessarily have the knowledge to be able to do this themselves -- which is where comes in.

For a fee ranging from $39 to $129 their reviewers - who include award winners and respected photographers - will look at your images and offer constructive feedback.

A spokesperson for the service said: "Our goal is to provide a site where photographers and photo enthusiasts can submit their own work and receive an in-depth assessment full of honest and actionable feedback."

The $39 option gets you an evaluation of and feedback for 10 images. For $79 you'll get feedback on 10 images from a selection of 40, advice on how to improve them, and specific instruction based on your goals. For $129 you get feedback on 15-20 images from a selection of 100.