90% of camera users share their images


It used to be that the only person who would see your photos, would be you - but not any more, not by a long way.

A recent study of camera users in the UK, France and Germany has discovered that a massive 90 percent of us share images with friends and family online.

And what's interesting is how we do it. While people in France and Germany are more likely to share images by getting people to look at their PC or laptop, Brits tend to use websites and e-mail.

It was also discovered that camerap-phones produce a disproportionate number of images which go on to be shared, accounting for 25 percent of shared images.

A spokesperson for Futuresource Consulting, which conducted the study, said: "Research suggests that there are 3.5 billion cameras in use across the globe and in excess of one trillion personal digital photos stored on PC hard-drives, portable devices and ‘in the cloud’.

"The research showed, beyond doubt, that consumers are embracing many new ways to share their personal photos; printed media continues to play an important role in photo sharing, though digital dominates."