Photographic wallpaper shows the big picture


Do you display your best photos on the wall? If you do, it's probably in a fairly standard-looking frame, right? Or maybe you've had them printed on a canvas.

Either way, the chance they are not as imposing or conversation-sparking as these photographic wallpaper murals.

An increasing number of firms are now offing to turn your best images into wall covering by printing them onto a series of wallpaper rolls. say it's as simple as emailing them a suitably high-resolution image and telling them the measurements of the wall you want covering.

They then produce a scale draft of what your wall will look like, once you say you're happy with it they print the image on several rolls of wallpaper which are shipped to you.


And the good news is that if you're as useless at DIY as us, then you don't have to hang the wallpaper yourself, they can arrange for that too.